Aimee Hwang

My name is Aimee, I was born and raised in Fairfax, Va. For as long as I remember, I’ve always had a strong passion for art. I attended college at VCU in 2007 and graduated four years later with a bachelor in fine arts. Shortly after graduation, I began my tattoo apprenticeship under Greg Piper in the summer of 2011. Still fresh in tattooing, I constantly strive to better myself as an artist and never stop learning. Fortunately, I work with a highly respectable crew and am always inspired by them. Through my apprenticeship, I learned more than just the skill set of a tattoo artist but the integrity and humbleness that comes with it. I’m excited to go forth in my career at Exposed. It’s exceptionally rewarding to see a client truly satisfied with their tattoo; it shows I’ve done my job! You can follow me on facebook at and instagram @bebedrgn. Look forward to seeing you!

A special thanks to the following-

To my family, thank you for the loving support and acceptance. To Vanis, for your continuous words of advice and help, despite my occasional absent-mindedness, you will always have my utmost respect. To Deus, for reminding me that I’ve always had it easy, your work ethic and knowledge is much to be admired. To Michelle, for pushing others to do their best and standing by me when I needed it the most. Lastly, to Greg, for giving me a chance to be here, even though I can be a pain in your ass at times. And for teaching me not only the ropes of this business, but to have heart and perseverance for what I do. Thank you.