My name is Gregory Piper, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I started hanging out in tattoo studios when I was 17 and got my first ink a short time later. The late 80's marked the end of hair bands and my career in Jean Jacket painting, so I decided it was time to officially start my career as a tattooer. I was in the Army at the time and learning back then was way harder than it is today, a whole lot harder. You had to beg, borrow, steal, the industry was full of pirates back then and I loved it!! Times changed and so did tattooing. I was proud to be part of it then and I am proud of it now. I owe everything I have to this industry and to some great artist who helped me along the way. This May will mark the 28 year point in my career as a professional tattooer and what a ride it's been.

I got out of the Army in May of '94, I opened Exposed Temptations in November of that year. This year my studio celebrates 22 years in business. I still look at my time in the military as the best years of my life, the brotherhood and the bonds I experienced there remain the strongest friendships in my life.

I am a father of two and I spend half of my year these days traveling the globe as a professional photographer, specializing in travel photography with an emphasis on underwater. I write and shoot for several national and international publications. If you get some free time check out my photography page. I love traveling the world, seeing, experiencing and learning about new people and new cultures. I have watched the sun rise from some of the world’s tallest mountains and have watched it set on beautiful beaches with no name. I view each day for exactly what it is, a gift, not a guarantee.

My distinct style of tattooing offers my clients a wide range of art in which to choose. I am best known for my realism, Black and Gray, and of course Traditional Japanese. My favorite styles include traditional Japanese, American Traditional and realism. I am a custom tattoo artist and enjoy new, challenging designs. I travel to shows around the world, so check out our news and info page to find out where I will be and when. I hope that you enjoy looking at my artwork and I thank you for stopping by. Where ever this day finds you I hope you are smiling with the sun shinning on your beautiful face…

Contact Greg directly at tattoosbypiper@aol.com and like his Facebook pages for the Tattoo Shop and Greg Piper Art

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