My name is Greg Piper, I'm the founder and owner of Exposed Temptations Tattoo and have been tattooing for nearly 30 years. I began tattooing while serving in the Army and upon being honorably discharged I became a full time tattooist. I opened the shop in November 1994 after wanting to create my own artistic environment. I also wanted to set a higher standard for tattooing and proudly worked with the Governor of Virginia to write the legislation that currently regulates the industry.

I specialize in Japanese Traditional and Realism but always enjoy going outside of my comfort zone. When I'm not at the shop, I can be found traveling the world for my other career as a professional travel photographer, scuba diving and spending time with my two daughters.

Contact Greg directly at tattoosbypiper@gmail.com and like his Facebook pages for the Tattoo Shop and Greg Piper Art